Marriott Guyana Opportunity are the following:

Already built and cash flowing, new construction is at least two years

It is the central point for all business and pollical leaders.

X, LLC has become the leading bidder of the hotel.

Two additional towers can be built tripling the size of the hotel.

Financing has already been secured by a consortium of three local banks.

There is very little to do in Guyana for businesspeople and ex-pats that live there.

Oil workers have a high disposable income and businesspeople have paid as high as $11,000 a night to stay at the hotel.

There are a small number of casino licenses that will ever be issued.

Over 40,000 SQFT casinos already built just need to be finished, which will increase cash flow and profitability greatly.

When adding the additional towers casino size can be increased.

Marriott is already in place to manage the hotel

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